Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

Dear Friends,

We trust you are doing well. A very Happy Christmas to you!

It seems like only a few months ago that we were welcoming in the new year, you last heard from us in June and you might remember we reported on how special Jaci and Evans’ wedding day was for us all. Where does time go? It certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down!!

As we reflect over the year we wanted to express our thanks to you for praying for us and supporting us in the ways that you have. We are very conscious that our work here in Thailand is always a team effort. So much has happened and we want to highlight just a few things.

Firstly, the best news ever! Penny has just seen her oncologist in Adelaide and she has been given another clean bill of health. The mass in her abdomen has not changed or grown, great news! So she was told to come back next November for another check. Thanks to everyone of you who have been praying so faithfully for her healing and health.


Wilcox (49)

Paul has been busy with his role as northern regional leader for YWAM Thailand but is now actively seeking how he can step aside from this role. Northern Thailand now has over 200 staff working in more than 40 ministries! The time has come for new leadership to step in. Please be praying for this process.

Though Paul has cut down on a lot of his teaching opportunities he still managed to travel to Vietnam to share in their national family gathering, teaching in South Korea, Cambodia as well as Thailand. This next year is filling up fast and Paul is needing wisdom in knowing which opportunities to accept and which ones to say no to.

His Vietnam visit was a real highlight for him, especially when the police came in and raided their gathering. It completely changed the way they could then meet together but Paul was deeply impacted by their zeal for the Lord, their fearlessness, and their longing to see their people won to Jesus.

Paul has also been busy helping to pioneer a new ministry called the Asian Leadership Learning Community (ALLC), a ministry whose heart and passion is to help raise up and develop our emerging Asian leaders.

In September, both Paul and Penny managed to get to a very important and significant gathering for international YWAM leaders. God has been challenging us as a mission to move away from being a mission ‘organization’ and get back to our roots – being a missions movement. Our elders have recognized how there has been a drift happening and how subtly we have moved away from our anointing and calling. We are now endeavoring to get back to what God called us to be more than 50 years ago! A great challenge indeed yet one which we all (around 400 of us were gathered there!) agreed we want and we need to take on and embrace with our whole heart.

One day in October we had a particularly delightful time with our Thai children. After reflecting together as a couple how we have seen the children growing up and maturing, we decided to give the children an opportunity to follow Jesus if they wanted to. So we decided not to go to church that Sunday but rather have church at home. Paul shared simply about what it meant to give our lives to Jesus, to love him and follow him. As our kids listened, Jaci & Evans and Penny shared their own story of how and when that happened for them. Then we asked all the children to go to their rooms and ask themselves whether they wanted to give their lives to Jesus. Out of the 11 who we were speaking to that morning, 9 came back and said YES! We have already begun to see changes in their lives. Please be praying for each of them that they would grow in their love for the Lord.


We are in desperate need for more staff and for house parents. Would you please stand in prayer with us that we would see this new year as a year where we see quality staff coming in to serve with us on a long term basis and house parents coming in to be dad and mum for our kids?

We are content in loving and guiding the kids daily and being the primary caregivers; however, we will be ready to move into our roles as grandparents and enjoy being that for each of our kids, as soon as God provides those right houseparents to join our team.

May you know his peace and love and the joy of his presence during this coming festive season.

With love, Paul and Penny.


May / June 2014 News

Greetings from Paul and Penny Wilcox

April 19 was a pretty special day for us…. Our Jaci married the man of her dreams, Evans Volmy…. You can see by the pictures that it was a wonderful day for us all.

One of the highlights for us was that we had all our kids “home” in Thailand for the special event, as well as so many other family and friends who had come to celebrate with us. It was a treat and a privilege to host so many people. We managed to get some up-to-date Family shots….


Occasions like this are rare so we cherished time with our grand daughters.

It was wonderful to catch up and spend precious time with our family.
After the wedding we had two weeks holiday, thanks to John and Narelle (who stayed with the boys for us) and our other faithful staff who filled in the gaps while we rested.

Now we are back to work! Plus the kids are back to school, their new school year in Thailand just began and while we are enjoying our role as parents to these precious girls and boys, we are praying daily for more helpers to come alongside us, so that we can step back and oversee the project more fully, as well as venture into other things God has placed on our hearts.


We need more help! So please pray for some longer term helpers to come who will want to join with us in our equipping and nurture of the staff, women and children here at Home of the Open Heart.

Please note Penny’s change of email to:

Paul’s email is the same: asiatraining@gmail.com

A friend from Canada (thanks Jacque!) offered to re-do and update our family website, so click on the tab below to view that. Also below are the links for Home of the Open Heart Facebook and website too.

Peace, Paul and Penny

Happy New Year 2014 from Paul & Penny in Thailand

Trust all is well for you! Thailand has been really really cold this christmas!


We continue as primary care-givers in our boys home which keeps our days (and nights) full!  Penny continues to oversee the ministry of Home of the Open Heart, developing her staff and investing in the lives of all our growing children; while Paul continues to be involved in developing leaders, teaching and giving oversight of the northern region for YWAM Thailand. The LDC (leadership development course) went very well for Paul. With 12 nations represented, it was a wonderful international experience with many leaders finding new hope and vision in their calling.

Thanks for all your support, love and prayers through 2013.

photo (1)Our exciting family news is that Jaci and Evans are engaged and will be married on April 19th, 2014 here in Chiang Rai. Evans met Jaci 6 years ago when he came to volunteer here at Home of the Open Heart back and he has returned to serve with us for this coming year.



Penny hopes to write and send a Home of the Open Heart newsletter sometime really soon, so keep an eye out for that!


Wilcox Family Update – September 2013

No Bull!

What we’re about to share with you is not a load of bull! Many times though, I  feel like a bull charging at the gate! 🙂 Hopefully it will give you a greater insight into all the things that are going on with our lives.

Enjoy the read…


It’s been some time since we sent out news about ‘just us two’ and so we thought it was time to do so. We realize that much of what we do and are known for is our work relating to Home of the Open Heart and currently as house parents to our boys. The truth is, there is so much more.  I thought it would be good to give you some insight into what I, Paul do apart from how I help my lovely wife with Home of the Open Heart.

Many Hats to Wear:

  • Northern Thailand regional leader for YWAM Thailand
  • Team member of the national leadership team (NLT) for YWAM Thailand
  • Heading up the development of the Asian Leadership Institute (ALI)
  • Teaching and training at various locations (YWAM and other mission groups)
  • Being a coach and mentor to many of our staff.
  • I have also been active in seeking to help our Thai and other Asian staff see that they too can be missionaries inside and outside of Thailand!


Graduation: After many years of hard work and perseverance our “never say die” daughter, Jaci, graduates with her nursing degree.

Congratulations Jaci!


Many Boys Without helping in the boys home (which we are doing until God provides house parents to take over and we are praying fervently to that end) you can see that my plate is quite full!!  If you are interested in a few more details and have time to read on, please do…..then you will have more understanding of our lives here in Thailand and in particular my different roles.

** Leadership, Training and Teaching **

Northern Thailand regional leader and NLT: There are 17 provinces in the north of Thailand and in 5 of these provinces we have up too 200 YWAM staff and over 40 YWAM ministry centres. That means that I am responsible for these people and all these ministries they represent. It really is an honour to be a part of what God is doing in our northern region. I have a great leadership team to work with as we challenge our staff to go to the all in our northern region.

As an NLT (National Leadership Team) we meet every three months and I represent our northern region. We meet for three days each quarter and our times together are very rich. We discuss, pray into and make decisions relating to our whole YWAM Thailand family. There are so many things beginning to happen and God is moving in ways we have never seen before! On top of this there has been an incredible surge in cooperation between mission organisations, churches and the Thai Christians in general. Barriers are being broken down and there is much work being done in cooperation toward reaching all of Thailand. We are in exciting times and it is hard to keep up with all that God is doing! God does say that when his people dwell in unity He will command a blessing upon it!

Asian Leadership Institute (ALI): ALI has been a very exciting development. God seems to have brought together some key leaders from our three YWAM Asian regions (East Asia, IndoChina & Philippines, SE Asia & Australia) who have a heart for leadership training, development and coaching. They have asked me to spearhead this initiative.  Our target audience are: our emerging Asian leaders, leaders at the crossroads of their personal life & ministry, leaders at points of plateaus, leaders at points of life or ministry crisis, pain and /or burnout, and leaders needing retooling, equipping, and sharpening.  We are putting together different training events and resources to help equip our leaders. We are also putting a team together of people with different skills that can go into our Asian region and help coach and develop these leaders.  I feel so honored to be a part of all this. My heart has always been to invest in our future leaders. Being involved though, means a whole lot more travel for me! Just in the later part of this year I will be travelling to Singapore to meet with the leadership team there. Then I will travel to Taiwan to meet with the leadership team there to see how we can best serve them. I will then be travelling to Mexico to meet with all those in our YWAM world who are involved in leadership training, development and coaching. I am hoping to connect and network with those who have the skills we lack and need, so that we can begin to benefit as a region with their input and involvement. I have also received an open invitation to go to Hong Kong and meet with the leaders there.


Teaching and Training: It seems as though the Lord has me in a season of  having the privilege of investing in the lives of  many. Just recently I travelled to Maesot where I had the wonderful opportunity of teaching at a great ministry (Compasio) who reach out to the Burmese migrants/refugees.  Then I travelled down to Phuket to teach on a DTS (discipleship training school) which the base here in Chiang Rai has helped to pioneer. Another great time of being in a pioneering situation, helping people fall more in love with Jesus!  In August I will be teaching on the DTS here in Chiang Rai and then in September I will be teaching on a DTS in China. I will also be teaching on a Korean DTS being held down in Pattaya as well as teaching for Tamar Ministries. Tamar Ministries reach out to the sex workers in Pattaya and run discipleship programs for their women who come from the bars.  After this I will be helping to lead our next LDC (Leadership Development Course) starting mid October and running through till the end of November. This is a wonderful time to hang out with other leaders, encourage them, speak into their lives, coach and mentor them and help them discover the things the Lord has for them in the next phase of their lives. I love being a part of LDC’s for it is a part of my passion of seeing leaders become all that God would have them become. It is such an honor and a privilege to be a part of.


A Bigger Picture: Another passion of mine is to help Thai’s and our other Asian staff begin to see that they too can be missionaries outside of their own country. Many of our local staff do not believe that they can do so because they do not have sufficient funds. I have challenged them to understand that when God said: “Go into all the world” he was NOT just talking to his disciples or to western Christians but to everyone! This means them too!! I have spent much time encouraging them not to look at what they do not have but rather to look at what they do have.



Africa: It has been my joy to be able to see our very first Thai outreach team go to Africa on outreach. I met them in Ethiopia where I had the thrill of seeing just how much God had changed them as a result of their being there. Two team members, both still students at a local university here in Chiang Rai, felt that God was calling them to do their DTS in Africa – one in Ethiopia and the other in Tanzania!  I am hoping to take another Thai team to Africa next year to build on what our first team did.



** There is much planning, praying, organising and travelling I need to be doing as I seek to fulfil my responsibilities.**

How can you help?

So as you can see, apart from helping Penny out with the boys and us being their ‘mum and dad’ for now, I have a full plate! Full of travel, full of investing in future leaders, full of the joy of seeing students come to a greater understanding of who God is, full of opportunities of helping and investing in the growth of leaders in our Asian region.  Please pray for me in all the travel, teaching, coaching, and training that I am involved in. The rest of this year is full. Next year is already getting full. I will be travelling to Cambodia in 2014 to teach as well as travelling to Vietnam to speak at their national conference. I also plan to go to New Zealand to help out with the LDC there. Pray for wisdom as I teach, train, mentor and invest in the lives of those I minister to.

dog pray

Pray for grace as it’s hard being separated from Penny so often. Pray for her and the boys as Penny is often left to care for the boys by herself in my absence. Pray for protection in all my travel as well as protection spiritually and mentally. There are always greater pressures travelling alone. Pray also for the continued financial provision for me to engage in all this travel.  Most of all, pray that I will continue to grow more and more in love with Jesus and that those around me will be infected by the love of Jesus. I can only do what I do because of the strength and joy the Lord gives me. I want so much that what I do brings honor to him. Thanks for standing with us so faithfully in prayer. Thanks also to those of you have stood beside us financially, enabling us to do all that we do.  So if you have made it through to the end of this marathon email, you can only be congratulated, truly you are a faithful friend. In between these things mentioned I also help Penny in the oversight of Home of the Open Heart. We often find ourselves praying together for wisdom in many varied situations, just in the day to day running of the ministry.

For more info on that see Penny’s new website: www.homeoftheopenheart.org

We also host a myriad of teams/guests whose journey links with ours for a brief time and we enjoy that too….  Living with these 7 precious boys offers so many fun opportunities to encourage and disciple. Each day we ask God for wisdom to make the most of any teachable moment, to encourage these young boys to continue on their journey toward being honourable men.  Penny’s health is stable and we are so grateful for that. She completed all her chemotherapy in March this year and now only needs to have yearly checks with her oncologist in Australia.

With love, Paul  (on behalf of us both)





Wilcox Update October 2012







Paul and Penny Wilcox update
October 2012

Dear Friends,
It’s been quite some time since we sent you our family news update, though we have been sending regular updates through our Home of the Open Heart newsletters. So, I thought it was time to correct that and give you a picture of what has been happening to us of late.

The Past Few Months:
Life has been very busy for both Penny and me. Unfortunately things did not work out with the house parents for our boys and they made the decision to leave. This meant that Penny and I had to move in to live with the boys as we are quite short staffed. It has been such a wonderful time with our boys. They are a delight to hang out with, to share stories with and to have fun with. Please be praying for house parents who will love our boys, love living in community, love the broader vision of Home of the Open Heart (BNJ), and love living in Thailand.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of staffing two LDC’s (Leadership Development Course), one in New Zealand and the other here in Chiang Rai. I really enjoy the positive environment of the LDC and the opportunity of getting to hang out with other leaders and invest in their lives. It’s very satisfying to see them leave us re-energized, with greater clarity as to what God has for them next. Coaching and mentoring are growing passions of mine.

Penny has had quite a few visits back to her oncologist in Adelaide for treatment – she has to go every eight weeks! Each time Dr Lee gives her a great report and says she is doing well. What confuses us is, if she is doing so well why is Penny consistently experiencing pain in her back/abdomen where the cancer was? Please be praying for this that she will be able to find some answers that actually help us to understand rather than the regular, “I don’t know” answer.

The Present:
Life has been very full and busy for us here at BNJ. There is a lot of activity as Penny prepares for the hospice for it’s opening on the 7th of December. We are so grateful to the many people who have helped financially to see this become an even greater reality. It’s really looking good now and everything is almost completed, ready for the opening. Penny has her Thai staff involved in working through all the paper work to get the hospice registered with the health department.

Penny leaves for Adelaide next week for another treatment. Please pray for her as she travels and for more good reports from her oncologist.

I leave this coming Tuesday for Africa. During my last trip there over a year ago the Lord really challenged me to help build a bridge between Thailand (and Asia) and Africa. The purpose for my trip is to begin to build this bridge and develop meaningful contacts with different YWAM Bases and other ministries in Africa who want to partner with us in seeing Thai’s released into mission in Africa. I will be visiting Mozambique, Ethiopia and Tanzania where I will be meeting with the national leaders for Mozambique and Ethiopia as well as the leadership team for the YWAM work in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Please pray for safe travel as I travel to each of these areas.

I am thrilled to say that I will be joining our first Thai outreach team in both Ethiopia and Tanzania. Our campus ministry here in Chiang Rai (Ging Gaan) has taken up my challenge to go to Africa. One of the girls (Thang Gwa) on the team has shared about her desire to be a missionary in Africa. She could become the first of a wave of Thai’s going to Africa. Please be praying for Thang Gwa as she prepares to go with the team that God would clearly lead her and guide her regarding her heart for Africa.

I continue in my role as the northern regional leader for YWAM Thailand and I have been thrilled to see so many great staff step up to the plate and take on critical leadership roles. God is growing us as a family and we now have more than 40 ministries scattered across 5 of our 17 northern provinces. The vision is to see a presence established in each province! Our church planting efforts are increasing and we are seeing many Thai’s coming to know Jesus and fall in love with him.







It was a treat for us to have Luke and Pe visit us here in CR last month with our two precious granddaughters, we were so blessed that they were able to visit us here again. We are really looking forward to Jaci coming to serve alongside us too, as the live-in nurse in our hospice, starting from next month. She has committed to help us for two years. Please be praying for her as she seeks to raise support. Zac and Michelle are still happily living, working and studying in Adelaide and Caleb is completing his bachelor of Arts in Melbourne.

The Future:
While I was staffing the LDC in New Zealand I felt the Lord give me a vision and some clarity about my future. I felt like he was encouraging me to pioneer a leadership retreat center here in Chiang Rai where leaders and their teams could come for coaching, mentoring, retooling/re-skilling, for refreshment or just simply to have some retreat time and seek God. There would be a team of us who would also go out to leadership teams to encourage, mentor, coach, and train them in their leadership.

Well, it seems that God has been speaking to quite a few people scattered throughout Asia with a very similar vision and so we have all agreed to meet in Bali in November to sit down face to face and dialogue about this leadership retreat center. We’ll be meeting from the 16th-18th. Please be praying that this time will be a very fruitful time for us all and that God will give us greater clarity as to how all this will take shape.

Penny really wants to take a greater backseat when it comes to the running of BNJ. We both want to move much more into the grandparent roles with all our kids and mums. They have already started calling us Grammy and Gramps! Please be praying for staff who have a heart for caring for HIV affected people so that Penny can step back much more.

Thank you for your love, for your prayers, for your encouragement and for your support in what we do. We so value your partnership in our work.

With love and prayers,

Paul and Penny.

Wilcox Update March 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Belated…. Happy New Year to you all!

A snapshot of our family.

Luke and Pennie moved to Melbourne at beginning of 2011 and have settled well and are enjoying living in Ferny Creek. Sufjan’s little sister, Ursa Hero, was born on Dec 26th, 2011. We were blessed to be able to spend some precious family days together, as we waited for our newest grandbaby to be born.

Luke, Pennie Sufjan & Ursa Hero

Jaci will finish up her nursing degree at the end of this year at Uni SA, she has loved the opportunities she’s had to practice nursing on her pracs.

Jaci, Kak (& baby), Penny

Zac and Michelle. also still living in Adelaide have found great jobs throughout 2011. Zac is working his way through a bachelor of ministry at Tabor College, as well as working part-time. Michelle work at her ‘dream job’ making fancy cupcakes at a cute cafe in Adelaide CBD.

Zac and Michelle

Caleb, moved to Melbourne in September 2011 and found a couple of part-time jobs in food service and catering. His plan is to complete his bachelor of arts.


Paul and Penny

We are back in Chiang Rai, travelling a bit here and there with our various responsibilities and for health reasons too. We love to be home together here in Chiang Rai but Paul will be away quite a bit in the months to come, teaching and helping to run a Leadership Development Course. He continues to oversee the northern region of Thailand for YWAM and there are many encouragement’s. Penny continues her treks to and from Adelaide for treatments, hopefully by end of 2012 that should be all finished. We know God is in control and we are blessed.

We appreciate your love and care, thanks for sharing about your lives too.

Paul & Penny

From Paul & Penny Wilcox – Oct 2011

Back in Thailand!








Dear family and friends,

Africa was an experience of a lifetime for us. The highlight for both of us was visiting with Paul’s brother in Mozambique – when we arrived they had no water coming from the taps in their home. A couple of days after we arrived Paul was able to help them connect a pump to their bore, as well as add bigger pipes which meant they then had water coming out of the taps in their house, what a joy! Washing hands and dishes under running water! 🙂 In Thailand we take this for granted. The family there also have no electricity, no fridge, they have solar power which allows a couple of lights at night for some time, and hopefully enough to charge up their laptop and phone. Made us smile and realize how very blessed we are!






We have seen poverty and huge needs in Thailand but comparatively, Africa was dirtier, dustier, poorer, drier, and generally a much needier country than Thailand. As you would already know HIV/AIDS is on a much larger scale there too. We went into villages with Paul’s brother’s family, visiting and praying for the sick in their homes and in hospitals. We rested at Malawi Lake for two days, camping there overnight with our friends Phil & Glenda from Adelaide, Owen from Melbourne, who we were traveling with, as well as with Paul’s brother, Peter, his wife, Debbie and their six children. We prayed for lots of people, as well as for each other. It was a joy to travel Africa with our friends from Oz, as well as be with Paul’s brother and family, to share some of their missionary life in Mozambique. We both found it to be an eye-opening, positive and encouraging trip. We came home to Chiang Rai refreshed spiritually and challenged to continue to pursue all we know God wants us to do with our lives. We experienced lots of African wildlife too, hope you enjoy these few photo’s but without any doubt at all, our highlight as well as being with the people, was being refreshed in our spirits to know and experience God more each day.

Swimming in Lake Malawi








Since returning from Africa….

We have hosted several teams who have helped us in a few areas but especially in getting much closer to the hospice building completion.

Paul has been teaching in two training weeks, as well as other shorter sessions both in Chiang Rai and beyond.

Our daughter Jaci, as well as Penny’s mum came for a two weeks visit in September. 🙂

Penny had another treatment in Adelaide (30th Sept) and is to return to Adelaide for CT scans in November, earlier than expected as her oncologist wants to check on the cancer.

We are excited to be hosting a DNA seminar at the end of this month when our mission founders Loren and Darlene Cunningham will with us in Chiang Rai. Inspirational people!

As well as attending an Asia/Pacific Forum Against Human Trafficking in Chiang Mai.



Thanks so much for praying for us both as we live here in Chiang Rai, also please remember our kids who are now living in both Adelaide and Melbourne. Life is full and we are delighted to be serving in this country. Thanks to all of you who partner with us. We cannot do what we do alone, we need you to continue to be part of our ‘team’.

We desire to be making a difference in this country and in people’s lives.

We would love to hear how YOU are, so when you have time, please email us.

with love,
Paul & Penny

From Paul & Penny – June 2011 Newsletter

Please click on the link below to read our latest newsletter, June 2011 in HTML with pictures and all.

Update from Paul & Penny, June 2011

Or read here without any pictures…

Dear Family and Friends
Time has flown by and Penny and I have already been back here in Chiang Rai
for nearly two months. It has been so lovely to get back to life here and
begin to feel much more settled.

Penny has really enjoyed reconnecting with the staff and children at BNJ.
They continue to fill her heart with love and joy.

Thailand Travels
The past couple of months have seen us travel to the province of Lampang
where we were able to spend a couple of days encouraging Tdai & Jumnong,
leaders of the Friend to Friends ministry there. ‘Friend to Friends’ care
for Karen hill-tribe children who come from the mountains to be able to
attend school.

Paul made a trip to Chiang Mai for regional leaders mtgs

Paul also travelled down to Maesot to teach for a week on the Karen DTS

Some exciting news…
Our family continues to grow – Luke and Pe are expecting their second child!
Whoohoo, this means being grandparents again. 🙂

This does also mean that the tugs of home will pull even harder now! Please
be praying for them as they prepare for their second child. The baby is due
in December.

Australian Travels
This month sees Penny returning to Australia for another round of mabthera
down in Adelaide. The blessing of this trip is that it also coincides with
her nieces wedding in Brisbane so Penny will be flying into Brisbane to
catch up with her family, attend the wedding and then fly down to Adelaide
for her treatment.

Please be praying for Penny as there have been lingering problems
(infections) which don’t seem to want to go away! She also has an
appointment to see a specialist while she is there in Adelaide.

While Penny is in Australia I am planning to make another trip to Chiang Mai
but this time I want to be able to spend time with the leadership team there
in Chiang Mai, especially the location leader.

I will also be holding the fort here at BNJ as Quan will also be leaving for
Australia with her husband for about a month.

African Travels
For quite a few years now I have had a growing desire to travel to Africa. I
have not felt the time was right but continued to hold the desire with an
open hand. My brother and his family work in Mozambique and I have been
hearing of some incredible miracles happening there. I have also had a
growing hunger to experience the Lord in more tangible ways. I want to see
the hand of the Lord move in powerful ways here in Thailand and believe the
supernatural will be a vital key to revival in this land.

Well, at the beginning of this year I felt the Lord encouraging me that this
was the year to go! As I prayed I felt that August was the month to travel
there. You would have thought I’d had enough travel already! I contacted my
brother in Mozambique to see if there were any pastors conferences occurring
during the month of August. He responded positively. I also asked if Penny
and I could go there and attend this conference. The reply was positive once
again. I felt the Lord had opened the door and so I began to walk through

At the same time I had a very unexpected provision in that our international
economy travel was completely covered!

It was not long afterwards that I had heard that I was being invited to be
one of the speakers for this conference and to also teach in some of the
workshops as well. I have since found out that they are expecting several
thousand people to attend! I will really be stepping into the deep here and
would greatly appreciate your prayers as I prepare.

I do simply marvel at the way God leads and speaks!

The conference is at the beginning of August (10th-14th) and is being held
in Beira. After this Penny and I will be travelling to Lichinga where my
brother and his family work. We’ll spend a week with them before beginning
our journey homeward. What is lovely for Penny and I is that we have some
dear friends travelling with us – Phil & Glenda Farlam from Adelaide and
Owen Jenkins from Melbourne. It should be loads of fun being able to spend
time with some of our very good friends.

Quote of the Month
To learn, listen. To understand, watch. To appreciate, contemplate. To do
none of the above, speak incessantly. – Author unknown

Prayer Points

True spirituality is to live from your centre where the indwelling Holy
Spirit dwells. It is in deep dependency upon Jesus to live his His life
through us, that we learn to activate our spirit and to constantly hear and
obey the Father’s voice – Marriette Louw

Safety for Penny in her travels in Oz

Healing for Penny

Protection for Pe and her baby

Paul as he holds the fort at BNJ

Paul as meets with the leadership of Chiang Mai

In Conclusion…
We thank you for your continued prayers towards us. Keep up the great work.
Your prayers are making a difference. With love, Paul & Penny.

Contact Details:
Paul: asiatraining@gmail.com
Penny: penny@baannamjai.org
Paul & Penny: pwilcox@lannalife.org_


If you want to read Paul’s Blogs:

Update from Paul & Penny May 2011

Dear family & friends,
We are so very happy to have returned home to Chiang Rai just 5 days ago! It is more than a good thing to be home at last, after 8 months of living out of suitcases and being in ‘no-mans-land’. However the result has been good and we are so grateful that the chemotherapy treatment Penny endured has had the desired effect and shrunk that cancer down to be almost nothing. The oncologist has said that if Penny continues one the drugs she was having all along with her chemo, every three months for the next 2 years that there is a much less chance that the cancer will re-occur. So although it is not our preference, we decided to heed the specialists advice and Penny will return to Australia for just one week, each 3 months for the next two years. This IV drug is not available in Thailand and we cannot take it to Thailand from Oz. We have asked these questions and tried to think of every way possible that we could avoid this travel. However we are at peace now about it and believe it would be best to complete this course of treatment.

Our Need:
This does pose a need for us that we didn’t expect and therefore have not budgeted for…… so if there are some of you who’d be willing to sponsor a trip (or part of) to Oz for Penny, we’d be most grateful. Of course we are believing that this will work out and have a good long-term result, so please pray with us to that end.

We arrived in Thailand just over two weeks ago and met the Baan Nam Jai children, along with a couple of staff, at the beach. It was a terrific time and we both loved the opportunity in a more relaxed setting to catch up on lost time, we missed the kids so much. Then once two groups of kids had come separately to join us at the beach, we returned to Chiang Rai with the younger children just this past Sunday, their school break is nearly over. Our staff did such a wonderful job of caring for everything in our absence, we applaud them for their efforts and achievements.

Our own children are all keeping busy in Adelaide and Melbourne with their various work and university studies. We valued the precious times we were able to be together and be a part of their lives while we are in Oz. They did such a good job of caring of their sick mummy while we were with them and did all they could to ‘nurse’ her back to health.

Thanks for partnering with us, for those who pray and support us…. we are so grateful!
we appreciate your love,
Paul & Penny

Happy New Year from Paul and Penny

Dear family & friends,
Trust you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

As you all know we’ve been in Australia since mid September for Penny to have treatment for cancer. We wanted to wait to write to you, as Penny was scheduled for tests yesterday and we wanted to wait for results to let everyone know. More of that in a moment!

Firstly, here is news of all our family…

Luke, Pe and Sufjan moved to Melbourne just recently. Luke has work there but also hopes to study “Fine Arts” full-time at RMIT, as well as continue his work part-time. Their move will give Pe more opportunities in the art scene, which is one of her loves also and we will have to travel to 2 cities now, when we want to visit our children! Sufjan turns one on January 23rd and it has been more than a delight to have been a part of her life the last 3 months since we’ve been in Adelaide. Grandparenting is fun!

Jaci continues her study, 12 months ago she switched track, instead of heading for medicine, she will now graduate from nursing at the end of next year. She loves the study but I reckon she will love to be finished and I know she’ll be a great nurse.

Zac & Michelle have settled well into Australia, been in Adelaide 2 years now. Michelle is still bakery manager at a supermarket and Zac is still studying. He had hoped to get into the paramedics course at Flinders university last year but was accepted for his second option instead. So now that he is in the uni system, he hopes it can be easier to transfer, so he has re-applied for paramedics and finds out soon if he’s in.

Caleb is continuing his Bachelor of Arts majoring in philosophy, heloves it and is doing very well. He and Jaci continue to rent a house together and keep busy looking out for each other.

Penny’s great news is that the scan she had yesterday showed no trace of lymphoma, so the chemo did it’s job! As much as she didn’t want to have the chemo again, it has worked and we are all grateful and “quite the happy family”, as we recieve this news. There is still a small mass in her abdomen but the doctors say this could be scar tissue and more tests will come. She does need to complete her chemotherapy course, which means one more chemo on January 28th and then stem cell therapy.

We are awaiting further instructions but after that we will take some time for Penny to regain her strength, then our plan is to return to Chiang Rai of course. However we are guessing that will take about 3 months.

Paul has been commuting back and forth to Chiang Rai since we’ve been in Oz, to take care of business there but also be here to be a support to Penny during her chemotherapy. He will go again on January 17th for 3 weeks. Apart from that he has been keeping himself occupied, helping people and being here for family.

If you didn’t get a Home of the Open Heart/Baan Nam Jai 2011 calendar, we would be glad to post you one. It has the beautiful faces of our precious ‘second’ family in Thailand on it and I am sure you’d want one for your wall, so you can remember us throughout 2011. Please hit reply and let us know if you’d like one, but send your mailing address too.

We are so very grateful to you all. We know so many of you have prayed for Penny and us all, as we’ve walked through this journey of cancer together; well, for years now but more specifically in recent months.
Also grateful to those of you so many who helped us out with financial support, especially through these few difficult months here in Oz. We are grateful for the Australian medical system and being able to have treatment here for minimal costs. We are so very thankful to God for helping us through each day, as He has done in ways too many to write

Please be praying for us as it is difficult living in “no mans land”, trying to be “settled” here for this season yet yearning for Thailand. We know this has been Gods time for us to be with and close to our kids and He has done so much in us and through us but it doesn’t take away the missing of Thailand.

God bless
Paul and Penny

Update from Paul & Penny October 2010

Dear family & friends,
Last update we sent was Sept 13th from Chiang Rai. We’d just returned from our trip to Mexico where we’d found out from a CT scan done there that the cancer had grown and as advised we came to Australia to seek more treatment. We thought that might have been 3 months radiation. We arrived in Adelaide on 16th September keen in the short-term for pain relief and in the longer-term for some extra help/treatment that would shrink the cancer.

I have spent most of the past 3 weeks in hospital, getting pain relief and having tests/biopsies to ascertain the options for treatment. The short version is that I will begin chemotherapy this week…. definitely not excited about that but I do have peace about it and it seems necessary at this point.

This past month we have felt loved and overwhelmingly cared for by so many of you as you’ve written kind words of encouragement, including messages of love sent in many different forms. Thank you so much to each of you who have helped us cover the costs of the “life journey” so far, we deeply appreciate your kindness and your generosity.

I am uncertain if I will spend more time in or out of the hospital in the next month, waiting for doctors orders! 🙂  I am so grateful, so blessed to have the support of Paul & my kids here in Adelaide. Paul will probably go back to Chiang Rai for a couple of weeks from this weekend to give some needed support of our work, especially at Baan Nam Jai, then he’ll return to me/us here in Adelaide by the end of this month. While he is gone, I am hoping my mum and sister will be able to visit for a bit from Brisbane.

We appreciate your prayers for us,
Paul & Penny

Another update from Paul & Penny September 2010

Dear family & friends,
Life has been a whirlwind, but we are aware God is in control even in this. A week ago we wrote about going to Mexico for treatment, it went well. It was an adventure, definitely a worthwhile one! My pain continued to increase along the way and that wasn’t fun at all, so getting some serious pain management became the most important thing. We did get to the Hoxsey clinic and have come away with the herbal tonic for cancer as well as other alternative remedies that I am beginning to consume!

While there I had a CT scan and found that the cancer has grown significantly, now it has spread through my whole abdomen, from under my ribs down to my pelvis, not good. Due to this, the doctor has advised me to to go to Australia for 3 months of radiation in conjunction with the Hoxsey tonic to give the cancer a good kick!

So we are doing a quick organise in Chiang Rai and I am planning to be in Adelaide for 3 months (where I will have the support of my children and other friends). Paul will stay with me/us until he feels our situation is stable then he will probably return to Chiang Rai to keep things going there.

So even though things didn’t go as we expected, we are okay, we totally know God will bring good out of this. God isn’t surprised by this and He has a good plan for my future, I know that…. that’s His promise.

We need you to pray for us, and our children – both our birth children and our Baan Nam Jai children – as well as the rest of our family, and those we love here in Chiang Rai.

If it were me, I could think of so many reasons why it would be better if this weren’t happening BUT life is not about what I think is best. I know I have so much to learn, so I will look to Jesus with joy in my heart… I want to learn to be all I am meant to be.

with love from us both,
Paul & Penny

News on Penny’s health……

Dear family & friends,

Things haven’t been so great in my body the past few weeks, I’ve been having more pain and the past week or so at night it’s been intense, wrestling with pain….. trying to sleep. All that to say, we finally acted on a decision that we’ve had in the back of our minds for a long while now, that is to go to the Hoxsey clinic in Mexico, just south of USA border town San Diego. While there at this cancer clinic as a day patient, each day the oncologists and other medical professionals will formulate a regime for me, then they will send me home with medicines to continue taking. 

My practitioner in Australia recommended this a long while ago and with the new pain levels and inability to sleep we decided that we needed to take further action. We expect to be back in Thailand Sunday 12th September, so it will be a very quick trip…. only 7 days, including travel, if all goes well.

We both feel that this is the right decision, and even though it was a quick decision, we are glad to get some more help. I will have a full day of tests on Tuesday 7th, then the team of oncologists will make a decision about treatment for me. That is probably about when you should be getting this email in your inbox… so thanks for praying for me. 

If you’d like to help us pay for this we’d appreciate it, it was a huge step of faith, please ask us if you’d like to know what our costs are. Our travel agent said she’d front the costs and we could pay her later, once we have the funds. She is awesome and we so appreciate her support in this way. Even though our tax-deductibility for the ministry (Baan Nam Jai) changed recently and can no longer be tax-deductible, gifts to us personally via ARMS are still tax deductible.

We are not losing hope and I am determined to continue to fight this battle with all that is within me…….. Thanks for remembering us,

Paul & Penny 

Home again! from Paul & Penny June 2010

Dear Friends,

I thought I’d give you a quick update on a few happenings in our lives…
Penny and I arrived back in Chiang Rai Sunday morning, May 30th. The trip back from Spain was rather long, yet uneventful. My time in Spain was a very profitable and fruitful time for me. I left for the LDC (Leadership Development Course) with little expectation of what I would learn as I was going with the desire to see how the LDC would fit in with what I had been feeling the Lord speak to me regarding my future. Well, I came home with a whole lot more than I had bargained for!

More than you could ask or think…

There were several key things the Lord taught and showed me during my LDC. One was that I was living in the fear of man!. God exposed an area of my life which needing dealing with. He reminded me of a time when I was around 10yrs old where I made a declaration to myself that I would never trust anyone. The reason for this was to protect myself from anyone trying to or wanting to hurt me. This came out of a hurtful experience I was going through at the time. This declaration was born out of the seed of the fear of man. I am so grateful for caring staff who helped me walk through this area of the fear of man. I am now feeling a greater freedom and confidence to walk more in the fear of the Lord!

Having a God Gap

Another area where I was challenged in was living with a God “gap”. This is where you have this area in your life where you need to see God come through, to trust God for a breakthrough. I realised that as I have grown in the Lord I have also become accustomed, relaxed and confident of God and his ways. This has led me to take change more and more and to become more consumed with planning and organising my life to the place where I can almost guarantee what the outcome will be. A good example of this was when I was stranded in Europe because of the volcanic ash and had already missed a day of my LDC class. On the second day (Tuesday) I felt the Lord speak to me about not trying to organise and plan my way down to Malaga (a 3 day road trip!) but simply to relax and enjoy the day.This was very hard to do!! But, I did. My friends took me into Copenhagen and we spent the day enjoying the sights of this delightful city. We returned home at about 4pm and checked on the flight status. To my surprise there were two flights opened for Wednesday and Malaga was one of them. I quickly booked my seat. I arrived to a fairly deserted airport at 3am as my flight was leaving at 6am. All the departure screens had cancelled on all the flight except mine and the other one. I boarded the flight and arrived in Malaga three hours later. I reflected, as I was flying, that if I had not have listened to God’s promptings, I would have been in a car for a three day trip down to Malaga. Three days or three hours? That depends on your God Gap!!

Being Spirit Led

I want to be living more where I don’t know what’s going to happen or how it’s going happen and I therefore need the Lord to come through for me. I also want to become more spontaneous to the Spirit’s leading and trust the Holy Spirit to show me and guide me in what to say. I am still very much wanting to be planned and organised but just not to the point where I have little or no God Gap. My wonderful planning would have denied me a quick trip to Malaga and seeing God come through for me in such a miraculous way!!

Watching my Tongue

Another area God has challenged me in and revealed to me is in the area of my tongue! I have come to realise much more clearly how my words affect other people. I have been insensitive to others and their feelings. Many times I just blurt out what I believe the Lord is speaking to me, rather than first asking the Holy Spirit how I should say it so that it is spoken in the most loving way possible. I hate to think how many people I have wounded because of my lack of sensitivity. If you are one of them then I am truly sorry and ask for your forgiveness.

The future…

There are too many things to share and which would take pages to do so. So, in closing can I please ask you to be praying for me? There are a lot of things I feel God has spoken to me about – my future, my leadership, my passion and what God would have me focus and work on. I really need wisdom and clarity in knowing how to move forward into these things. I am excited and I do look forward with anticipation how things will unfold. I don’t want to be busy doing good things but rather engaged in doing the right things.

Some sad news…

In closing I would like to ask you to pray for Penny. As we landed back in Bangkok, Penny received a text message from her mum saying that her father had passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning. This is, of course, a very difficult and emotional time for Penny. She would love to be with her family now for the funeral, however she was blessed recently to be able to see her dad, plus it is not really very possible as she has already been away from the ministry for the past five weeks. Please pray for God’s comfort and that she’ll be able to properly grieve the loss of her dad while she is absent from her family.

Thanks again for all your love, encouragement and support.

With love
Paul and Penny.

Update from Paul and Penny Wilcox – March 2010

Dear Friends,

We wanted to take some time to share with you what has been happening in our lives. We have some encouraging and exciting news regarding Penny! We are grateful that you care and pray for us. We enjoyed some quality time with our children in Adelaide and were able to meet our granddaughter, Sufjan. She is such a treasure and a delight. Being grandparents is indeed a fulfilling experience!!

Jaci has switched from health science to nursing studies. We know she will make a wonderful nurse when she is finished. She is enjoying her studies and has made her house a real home for her and Caleb who share a rental house together.

We rejoiced with Luke & Pe and they continue to settle into life as parents. Please continue to be praying for them. Luke still has not heard from the specialist yet about what will be happening with his hip. He is needing a hip replacement but the doctors are wanting to delay this as long as possible. Luke’s condition has meant he has had to quit work. He is enjoying his visual arts course and is producing some fine work!

Zac is enjoying settling into life as a student and both he and Michelle are now feeling more settled here in Adelaide. Zac is studying community and disability rehabiliation, his end goal still being paramedics. Please continue to be praying for them as they seek the Lord regarding their future and as to how long they will stay in Australia before relocating to the States.

Caleb has pursued a Bachelor of Arts majoring in philosophy but due to a misunderstanding within the Sth Australian Tertiary entrance board about his year 12 certificate he going to have to wait until mid-year to apply again. Once he begins then, all our kids will be studying in Adelaide.

Penny has finished all her tests and scans which resulted in the doctor saying he was quite confused and didn’t know what to make of the results. The cells which fight the cancer have been increasing in number and the cancer shows signs of retreating and being treated. The wonderful thing is that Penny has not treated her cancer the traditional way and so when the specialist says it shows signs of being treated he is presuming Penny has been undergoing chemo and radiation! What is confusing our doctor is that while the cancer cells are decreasing in number, the tumour is increasing in size. This increase in the size of the tumor accounts for why Penny’s pain has been increasing. We left our last doctors appointment very encouraged, and Penny remains determined to see this cancer finished off, once and for all.

To help this process Penny and I are going back down to the health clinic in Malaysia for more intensive treatment. Please be praying for her during this time that the cancer will continue to retreat and that the cancer fighting cells continue to multiply. Penny didn’t go to the health clinic last year and has felt the effects of not going. Their treatments really seem to have a positive effect on her health and wellness.

Penny was also able to make a quick trip up to Brisbane to see her family and to spend time with her Dad. This may well be the very last time she sees him. It was a bitter sweet time but a joy to her to hear Dad say that he was proud of her and her work. They said goodbye knowing that they would probably not see each other again.

I (Paul) continue to enjoy my new roles as location leader for YWAM Chiang Rai as well as regional leader for YWAM Thailand. These new roles have meant a rather rapid increase in the amount of meetings and travel I have had to undergo. It has been challenging yet rewarding. I am very grateful for Joanna, a lady who has stepped in to be my PA. My passion for leadership development and training is still very strong and my roles now afford me the opportunity to actually start to put some things on my heart into place.

To help me in this I have felt to go to Spain to do a Leadership Development Course, after which I hope to be able to see it implemented in the northern region of Thailand and to see our young Thai’s and other YWAM staff mentored and developed in their leadership. Please be praying for me in this as it means I will be away for six weeks (in April/May) and this is a long time to be away. Fortunately I have a good leadership team working with me. Because of the length of time I will be away we have felt that it is important that Penny will also travel to Spain midway through this course. This is a real sacrifice for Penny as it means more travel, and flying is not so comfortable for her.

Thanks again for your love, your prayers and for your support and encouragement. I hope that you can take heart in what you have read and can see God at work. God is good and He is faithful, we are very thankful. You have played an important part in this. May you experience the love of the Lord in your life.

With love,

Paul and Penny.

News from Paul and Penny Wilcox – January 2010

Luke P & Sufjan

Dear family & friends,
introducing…….. SUFJAN EBONY WILCOX


Luke & Pennie have a daughter, Sufjan Ebony Wilcox was born on Saturday 23rd January. Sufjan {pronounced: soof-yaan} weighed 3.4 kgs, 51cm long and everyone is well. We are delighted first-time grandparents, and are looking forward very much to seeing her next month when we visit Adelaide for 2 weeks.

Life in Chiang Rai continues to be full and fun. It is exciting as we face each day. Coming up for us is the 50th celebration of YWAM in Chiang Mai, a bigger city 3 hours drive south/west from here. Then we renew our yearly visa’s, before we choof off to be a doting granny & gramps in Adelaide, as well as visit with our other kids too.

In April (1st – 14th) I am planning to return again to Malaysia for 2 weeks to the health clinic, where I will get another good boost of ‘healthiness’ and TLC. Paul will keep me company. 🙂 If anyone wants to help us out specifically to enable me to pay for this, that would be huge and much appreciated.

Thanks for praying for us, for ‘standing’ with us and being so faithful in your giving so we can keep going here. While in Adelaide, I will get a bit of a health report so can let you know next letter what the results are.

Bless you for your support and love shown to us,
Paul & Penny

December 2009 – Christmas and New Year

Dear Family and Friends,
The Wilcox family 1It just seems like yesterday we were doing our last Christmas update. Anyways, we wanted to take the time to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. It’s always encouraging for us to know that even though there may be an economic meltdown in the world, that there will never be a meltdown in the power and love of God.
This year marks a few important things…

It will be the last Christmas Luke and Pennie celebrate being just a couple. They will be welcoming into their lives their first child. This means that this will be our last Christmas as just parents and next year we get to celebrate the fact that we’ll be grandparents!! 🙂

This Christmas will be the first Christmas in Australia for Zac and Michelle as a married couple.

This will be our first Christmas with no family members to celebrate it with. 🙁

Penny clocks another year of being a walking/living miracle. I’ll not forget the look on the oncologists face when we last visited him. He became convinced that he had made a misdiagnosis!! Penny has gone past the maximum of nine months for someone living with this aggressive cancer and not undergoing the “normal” route of treatment and still be living. He has never witnessed this before however he obviously hasn’t seen God at work before!! 🙂 In fact, the two years is looming since Penny was diagnosed with this more aggressive form of cancer.

This will be our first Christmas as house-parents at the ‘girls house’ as the project is ‘set up’ now. it’s been fun being more ‘hands on’ involved in the children’s lives again.

This will also be our first Christmas with me functioning as location leader for YWAM Chiang Rai. It’s been a wonderful challenge and I’ve been privileged to see God at work in the lives of our ministry leaders. It will also be my first Christmas where I am the northern regional leader for YWAM Thailand. This is only something just hot off the press and marks a new chapter in my life and leadership. It will be an even bigger challenge for me than being simply the location leader.

Some other bits of news and information…

Paul teaching @ Karen pastors workshop 2Penny and I enjoyed a few days down at MaeSot where I had been invited to teach at a conference for Karen pastors. It was an incredible time and so humbling as we say God work in people’s lives. The pastors are now planning another longer time of teaching and to wider audience. Instead of just a handful of pastors (about 12 pastors and elders attended) they want everyone in their congregations to be there.

teaching pastors at Mae Sot

I have had a few travelling engagements where I taught on a Korean DTS over in North Eastern Thailand, went to Bali to represent Thailand at a regional DTS conference, and I was able to help the DTS in Bangkok do some debriefing at the end of their DTS.

Penny also travelled down for Bangkok for Project L.I.F.E. ministry leaders mtgs for a few days.

Penny’s pain level has fluctuated over the past couple of months. She has noticed that when she is too busy her pain levels increase significantly. She is trying hard to slow down more and be more focused on maintaining her health and resting. If she does this, she notices a significant drop in her pain levels.
Some things to pray for …

Please be praying for Penny and I as we travel to Vietnam to do some staff training (Dec 6th – 16th). This will be our first visit to this country and we are both looking forward to our time away. After we have finished we are planning a few days off down at the beach, south of Bangkok. Please pray that we’ll be able to enjoy our rest time and come back to Chiang Rai feeling refreshed and ready for the fun and games of Christmas season with 2 houses full of young children!

Please continue to be praying for Penny’s complete healing. Though she may be a walking/living miracle, she is still very much in need of our prayers for her complete healing. We are both so aware that every day is a gift and we are seeking to enjoy and take each day as it comes.

Be praying for us and for our children during this time of not being together. We will miss them terribly.

Please also uphold Luke in your prayers as he has been diagnosed with a benign tumour in his hip which has damaged his hip joint, it is a rare condition and he will need to have surgery. with their first child due next month, it’s not an ideal time for surgery and needing to recover from it.
We want to take this time to thank you for journeying with us throughout this year and we look forward to doing so next year. May you experience the love and joy over this festive season.

With love,
Paul and Penny.

News from Paul & Penny September 2009

Paul Penny & the girls

Dear family and friends,
God is blessing and we are seeing people come to know Jesus and others growing in interest, so it is a boost for us after years of sowing… living in a fish bowl and seeking to be a ‘light’ and offer hope.

The biannual, YWAM Thailand national staff conference was August 1-4, in Krabi, this was the first ever YWAM staff conference in southern Thailand! The theme of the conference was, “Passing the torch”. During this time YWAM Thailand, as a whole, recommitted itself to raising up young Thai nationals within the mission. Currently, there are over 150 Thais on staff of YWAM Thailand, with 30 of the 60 YWAM ministries being led by Thai nationals. The main speaker spoke about keeping a passion for Jesus at the heart of our lives and ministries. Paul has recently taken on a leadership role (part of the leadership team) for our mission in the northern region, as well as being appointed as location leader of YWAM Chiang Rai, this role carries extra responsibilities and challenges.

Some of you may have heard that Paul has been struggling a little with his health of late. He even had a week stint in hospital on IV antibiotics to aid his recovery several weeks ago. This has improved a lot, however tests have shown that his immune system needs a boost and pretty much he just needs to look after himself more, so that’s the goal. He is trying to adjust his lifestyle to be more careful, so he can stay well and live longer. 🙂 In fact that is both our goals and I too daily seek to keep focused on looking after my health but not allowing that consume me. I don’t focus on the fact that I have cancer but I seek to be wise about what I do and what I don’t do. I am so grateful that I remain strong with little pain. It is exciting to be here, being a part of people’s lives and sharing important things of life with people we have grown to love.

We love being in the girls house being a closer part of the children’s lives. It is fun and provides many teachable moments! Please pray for us though, as it is tricky at times to slow down and rest enough and not get too involved in all the day to day stuff when living with them.

Wilcox family

Our own children are all living in Adelaide. As many of you know, Luke & Pe are expecting a baby in January, so we are excited with them, Pe is feeling better now she is past half way through her pregnancy. Luke is enjoying his visuals arts degree and doing very well. Jaci, just turned 24 and continues to study, even though her health still is up and down, if she is able to keep up her present pace, she will graduate at the end next year. Zac & Michelle moved to Adelaide from USA in January and have settled in well now, Michelle picked up a job in her field, as a baker and Zac is working part- time, as well as studying full-time, doing health science (same degree as Jaci) although Zac hopes to transfer credits next year, to attend a different university to focus on paramedic studies. Next month it’ll be one year already since they were married. Caleb completed his food-processing and baking course and since then has been looking for work, without success so far, but we are cheering him on and hoping he’ll get a ‘good break’ soon, seeing as he has this training. Please pray for Caleb in this.

Trust your lives are fun and full of hope as ours are! We value your prayers and the support of so many of you… thank you for partnering with us!
Paul & Penny

Wilcox Family update June 09

Update June 09

Dear family & friends,

I thought it was time to bring you up to date with what is happening in the world of the Wilcox Family.

I have been challenged in my Bible reading with what James was writing when he challenged and encouraged his readers to be not merely hearers of the Word but also doers! In James 2:22 he writes that we should not just listen but do what it says and then in verse 25 he writes, “But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it – he will be blessed in what he does.” The words which strike me are – looks intently, not forgetting, doing it. These are action words, words which describe how my response should be to the Lord when I read His word. My prayer is that I will become a man who is more intentional, who retains what the Lord is speaking to me and who applies the Word of God into my every day life.

Well, we are now back in Thailand after finishing up our home leave/furlough back in Australia. We had a lovely time catching up and reconnecting with friends, supporters and churches. We left simply amazed and encouraged at those the Lord has brought to our side to stand with us, fight with us, believe in us and to be continually praying for us. We do feel very humbled by this. Thank you so much for playing such an important part in our lives and ministry.

Since coming back we are beginning to realise that our new season here will be a season of changes.

Our house manager for the girls house, Susie, has moved down to Lop Buri to go through some intensive language learning for the next six months. Please be praying for Susie. She so wants to get a better grasp of the language and be able to communicate more effectively with the Thai’s. She has done a great job in looking after our girls.

Penny and I have felt that we should take on this role and so last week we moved into the girls house to live with them. We have both felt that our staff needed more direct input and discipleship and have felt the best way was to get involved in a much closer way. Our time away in Oz proved that we have very capable staff but also showed us that they still need more discipling and training. Please be praying for us in this, especially for Penny, that she will still be able to have her times of rest to enable her body to continue to be healed from the cancer. It will be a little more difficult for her to be able to take those times out.

There is also a major shift in my life as I have now taken on the leadership of YWAM Chiang Rai and will also be co-leading the work of YWAM Northern Thailand. This may come as a bit of a surprise for many of you as you will have been aware of my earlier struggle and how I almost stepped out of YWAM. God has turned things around and our outgoing leader asked me many times to pray about taking over his leadership. I kept saying no until one day I felt the Lord say, take it on.

So it is with fear and trepidation that I am taking on this new role. It’s not what I thought I came to Thailand for but yet I trust the Lord in it. I do feel it is for a season but I just don’t know how long this season will be for. Please pray for me that I will have the mind of Christ in each matter. I need His Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that I may know Him better and know how He would have me respond in each and every situation I find myself in. I want to be one who listens intently to what the Lord is saying, retain it and apply it into my life, ‘walking out’ those things the Lord is speaking to me about.

May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you. May you know His leading in your life and may you also know His provision in each and every situation you find yourself in. Thanks again for your love, prayers and for your support of us and your prayers for our own children in Adelaide also.

With love, Paul (on behalf of Penny).

Great News

Dear Family & Friends,

We have great news to share with. A couple of weeks ago, after having a CT scan, I went to my oncologist and the news is that my tumour has shrunk considerably. So he basically said he couldn’t do anything more to help me and that I should continue to do what I am doing, as it is obviously helping. This is the same man who almost 2 years ago said that, with the type of aggressive cancer I had, I would probably live for just a few months.

During my recent visit he was intrigued and asked me: “what have you been doing”, when I told him all the different natural remedies, about my lifestyle change and the prayers of so many people, he was very interested.

So I continue on and remain encouraged and hope that this good news also brings encouragement to you. Thanks for helping, so many of you who have helped out by giving us the bucks so I can continue to buy the remedies and consume them everyday, plus those of you who pray for me. To all of our friends and family, thank you for continuing to walk this exciting journey with us, I trust you are enjoying learning through the process, as much as we are.

Love & hugs to you all,
Penny (& Paul)

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