ALLC – Asian Leaders Learning Community

Paul is serving as an elder with a ministry venture called the Asian Leaders Learning Community (ALLC). With YWAM experiencing incredible growth in staff numbers through our Asian region the realisation of the need for leadership training and development became obvious. Part of the passion of the ALLC, apart from providing opportunities to develop and grow in leadership, is to also provide opportunities for our staff and leaders to grow in understanding who we are as a mission, to embrace our DNA and faithfully live out our values. By serving as an elder on the ALLC Paul is working closely with various key leaders of our mission living or working in Asia.

ALLC Beginnings:

Amazing things are happening in our Asian world today. God seems to be stirring up the pot and we are hearing of movements of the Holy Spirit happening in many Asian nations. One main theme God has been stirring up in the hearts of many of our YWAM leaders was – Prepare!

We are seeing amazing growth in our YWAM family and as God was speaking ‘prepare’ the realisation and the reality of the importance of good, strong, Biblical leadership came sharply into focus. Some time ago, some of YWAM’s Global leaders entered into a prayerful discussion centered around the need to adequately prepare emerging leaders particularly within the Asian regions. As a result of these stirrings God began pulling various different leaders together to begin to partner, network, share resource and develop training that would help prepare our emerging Asian leaders as well as emerging leaders from other nations who have been called to our Asian region. The outcome of all this has been the development of the Asian Leaders Learning Community (ALLC).

Still in an embrionic stage, the ALLC seeks to call and challenge Asians and ‘workers’ in the Asian field to a radical leadership life following after Jesus. ALLC seeks to network and serve YWAM leaders and YWAM bases as well as churches and other mission organisations in Asia towards intentional leadership development, equipping younger leaders with on going life long learning tools, moving them from leadership activity to effectiveness. ALLC seeks to help serve senior YWAM leaders moving them from mission success to significance, identifying final contributions. ALLC hopes to use current and existing YWAM leadership training tools such as Leadership Training Schools and Seminars (LTS), Leadership Development Course (LDC), and will introduce other leadership development tools such as Coaching and Mentoring clinics, Focusing Your Leadership, and Facetime (where small numbers of leaders spend quality, integrated time with YWAM senior leaders over the space of a week sharing hearts and sharing lives) and more. ALLC hopes to introduce effective adult learning styles, model learning facilitation and challenge leaders to “do first, then teach”, as leaders are challenged to multiply themselves and grow and train others.

ALLC will begin whenever and wherever a YWAM leader has a vision and a passion to grow leaders. A core serving team of leaders will help facilitate the beginning of an ALLC vision at any YWAM location with the YWAM leader carrying the vision.

Our Focus: Our Asians leaders primarily, from the developing Asian world, but also including internationals serving there. These leaders would be: Emerging Leaders; Leaders at the crossroads of their personal life & ministry; Leaders at points of plateaus; Leaders at points of life & ministry crisis, pain and/or burnout; Leaders needing retooling, equipping & sharpening.

Our Strategy: The way we hope to establish this training and equipping of our leaders is through creating Learning Communities and Leadership Communities – whether this be through formal or non formal learning environments, through retreat centres, through online courses, or through coaching over Skype or Google hangout.

Our Means: We will endeavour to provide leadership training such as Leadership Development Courses (LDC), Leadership Training Seminars (LTS), and Focusing Your Leadership (FYL). We also will seek to promote Leadership Gatherings like Facetime (where we have an opportunity of sitting at the feet of our Elders), etc. Through all our training we aim to provide mentoring, coaching and ongoing leadership facilitation.

Our Mode of Operation and Multiplication: Our heart is very much to network with local YWAM bases with similar vision where possible. Thus we minimise the dependency on one primary location, allowing us to begin to spread out across our Asian field. We believe leaders learn best in communities that believe in them, will mentor them, coaching them through challenges and learning with other leaders how to lead well.

In summary, the ALLC exists to primarily serve our three Asian Regions – East Asia, IndoChina & the Philippines, and South East Asia. Those who are serving in the ALLC are all leaders within our Asian field, they are leaders who are grappling with the realities of leading in an Asian context, trying to demonstrate biblical leadership. They are not theorists but are ordinary people living the talk, leading people, seeking to see those they care for grow and blossom and become all that God intends for them to be as well as being relevant to those they are reaching out to.

If you are wanting to see the ALLC engage with your leadership team or YWAM community or if you have resources you would like to share then please contact Jay Bransford ( or Mel Tay (

“Equipping, connecting, and resourcing Asia’s leaders
for growth and multiplication.”

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