Home of the Open Heart

Paul and Penny moved to Thailand in 1999 with a passion to serve long term in Thailand with the mission they have serve with since 1991: YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

When Paul is not busy trying to help grow leaders, he is being Dad at home to our big Thai family at Home of the Open Heart and on occasion he travels to teach on YWAM schools, encouraging people in their walk with God.

Penny‚Äôs focus is mercy ministries, specifically caring for people affected by HIV/AIDS. Paul and Penny founded Home of the Open Heart together in early 2000. Penny is director of Home of the Open Heart. Paul and Penny live onsite, in the home with the current group of children who have been orphaned/abandoned due to HIV/AIDS. Together Paul and Penny are Mum and Dad to the big “adopted in their hearts” family, and continue to seek God for wisdom in oversight of the whole ministry – to orphans, single mothers, those needing hospice and respite care, as well as reaching out into the community to those affected by HIV. See website- www.homeoftheopenheart.org.

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